Tip: Buy Off-Season

With the weather turning considerably cooler in northern parts of the U.S., those of us being treated to the changing colors of the leaves are already eyeing sweaters and boots. As stores begin to put up Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations, we’re all assessing how we’re going to keep warm this winter. But the savviest shoppers already did that back in June, when air-conditioned stores were clearing out their cold weather gear at bargain prices.

To save even more at thrift stores – and any retailer, really – shop against the season, not with it. As cool weather returns, stores will be stocking heavier clothing and marking down spring and summer apparel. So now is the time to keep an eye out for great summer shorts, t-shirts, sandals, and sundresses. I just picked up some bright pink and blue Lilly Pulitzer pants for next summer at the low, low price of $.59.


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Pay pennies for new-to-you clothing and housewares

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