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TIP: Similar Brands are Often Found Together

Some thrift shops are very well organized, even down to size and color matching, as one of our local Goodwill stores is. While this level of organization can speed your hunt for bargains, it also disperses groups of similar items. I’ve discovered this can be counterproductive.

Let me explain:

The thrift shop I frequent is on the much-less-organized end of the retail spectrum. Shoppers have to dig through piles and sort through whatever pants, shirts, dresses, socks, sweaters and coats have been lumped together on each table. Although the digging does take time, I’ve found a phenomenon I call “the vein” – as in a vein of gold that miners often hit when digging through hard rock.

When I’m thrifting, I’m generally looking for upscale housewares and clothing, which is gold to me. So when I’m sifting through mounds of clothing and find a brand I like, I will dig deeper in that same area because I am more likely to find something else from that brand in the same spot. It’s as if the people placing the clothing put similar brands together. So if I pull out a Tahari jacket, the skirt is likely nearby. Or a Janie and Jack outfit will generally point me to other Janie and Jack duds.

During my last shopping outing, I hit the mother lode of Abercrombie & Fitch shirts. I’ve never found so many at one time, but on this trip, I think I pulled out at least a dozen, all in one spot.

These are just 7 of the Abercrombie shirts I found on one thrift shop table.

So my tip for today is that when you find an item you love, continue looking in that same spot, rather than heading to another area of the store. I hope you strike gold, too!


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