Review of Savers in Rochester, New York

We Western New Yorkers have only recently been introduced to the thrift store chain named Savers. I’ve heard stories of folks finding great deals, so I was intrigued to check it out this afternoon, two days after it opened.

On one hand, I was impressed with how organized the store was. And, boy, do they have inventory – especially in women’s clothing. There are racks and racks of books and kitchen and dishware. One corner of the store had furniture and TVs, but most of the merchandise consists of soft goods – bedding and clothing.

The prices seemed reasonable, with women’s clothing topping out at $4.99, it appeared. I found a Chico’s t-shirt for $2.49 in a pretty green, but most of the brands were not as high end. Lots of Arizona, Cherokee and Dress Barn, for example. There is absolutely nothing wrong with those brands either, but when you pay less than $10 for a pair of shorts new, for example, seeing them for $3.99 on the Savers racks doesn’t inspire enthusiasm (at least not in me).

I also found two prints – one of a fern in a nice black frame, for $4.99, and one small painting of a pig in a white frame for $1.99 that I’ll put in a child’s room.

On Monday Savers starts discounting according to the color of the tag, which they weren’t doing today. I’ll probably check back to see if I can find some better labels next time.

Has anyone else tried Savers? What did you find?


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